The Wizard of Oz

The MUNY Theatre
at Forest Park
St. Louis, MO

Reviewed by Isabelle Heidbreder
Runs June 13 - 22, 2016
As seen June 15, 2016

The 2016 Muny season certainly started with a bang and a flash...or two...or a few... What's not to like? One of America's favorite tales from 1900, Frank Baum’s The Wizard of Oz, stage-cast in its 1939 movie version: a young girl lost, a quest for smarts, love, and courage, munchkins, bad witches, good witch, wizard, flying monkeys, unforgettable songs, GREAT voices and stage presence, special effects, the Muny kids and teens on their toes, an adorable dog... It would be just brainless, heartless and cowardly not to go see "the Wizard of Oz" at the Muny! One of the many little Dorothys in the audience (they came looking like Munchkin-version, miniature Dorothys) left the auditorium dancing... I left humming and enchanted!

Make sure you go to the Muny website to look at the schedule, not as straightforward this year. Opening night and duration of the show varies according to the musical. Next up is the tap extravaganza 42nd Street, opening on Friday June 24th and running through June 30th.

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