Stages St. Louis, Kirkwood, MO


As seen Wed., Sep. 12, 2018

Runs Sep. 7 - Oct. 7, 2018

Reviewed by Isabelle Heidbreder

Way more than OK! Once more, the Stages “magic” happened. How can one do so much on such as small stage is baffling to say the least? Kudos to all the singers, dancers and choreographer, director, scenic and costume designers!

I hate to admit that I showed up that night as a very blasé OKLAHOMA! reviewer. I left anything but. The voices were impressive, particularly those of Curley (Blake Price), Laurey (Sarah Ellis), and Ado Annie (Lucy Moon).

The dance routines were pure fun. Nearly three hours simply flew by. We hadn’t realized how long the show ran because director Michael Hamilton gave this production, on its 75th anniversary of the first Broadway appearance, “something” extra. That “something” is probably the result of the final product being more than the sum of its parts! I got into my car wishing I had an Aunt Eller like Zoe Vonder Harr, dreaming that I could sing and dance like Ellis, Price and Price’s dance stand-in for Laurey’s dream, Nicolas de La Vega. (When Price and de La Vega were standing next to each other, did anyone else think they were seeing double?) Lucy Moon and Matthew Curiano (as Ali Hakim) nearly stole the show with their seemingly natural comedic talents.

Oklahoma? Most definitely OK!

By the way, congratulations to the Stages community and the city of Kirkwood on the unveiling of your new theatrical home for Stages St. Louis coming in 2020!

Click here for production photos of OKLAHOMA!

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