The Repertory Theater of St. Louis

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

Reviewed by Sean Spicka

As seen Sep. 13, 2017

This play won 5 Tony awards in 2015 including Best Play and Best Actor in a Play. The Curious Incident is a play by Simon Stephens based on the Mark Haddon novel by the same name. It may be seen at the Loretto-Hilton Theater, The Rep’s venue in Webster Groves through October 1, 2017.

Although not named the main actor, Christopher Boone, appears to be autistic and highly skilled in mathematics, but he is anti-social and does not like to be touched. At the outset of the show, 15-year old Christopher finds his neighbor’s dog, Wellington, to have been murdered with a garden stake. He decides to solve the mystery a la Sherlock Holmes while simultaneously writing the story of his experiences. His teacher Siobhan convinces him that he should turn his story into a play.

His father does not wish him to continue being a detective and also tells him that his mother has died which later turns out to be not true. Christopher subsequently also finds out that his father actually murdered Wellington. Upon finding out that his mother is alive and well in London, he travels there to see her but his train ride is fraught with emotional breakdowns that truly speak to his condition. Eventually, he must return home to take his exams in mathematics.

The cast has been assembled from all over the United States and won many awards in London and New York prior to coming to Kirkwood. Many of the actors play different characters and most of the actors remain on the stage throughout out the entire production. It is a very simple set and very easy to rearrange.

This is a must-see production and we truly hope you get the opportunity to enjoy it before it closes on Sunday, Oct 1.

Below is a cast of characters:

  • Nick LaMedica (Christopher)
  • Laiona Michelle (Mrs. Shears/Ensemble)
  • Kathleen Wise (Siobhan/Ensemble)
  • Michael Baxter (Mr. Thompson/Ensemble)
  • Kevin Cutts (Roger Shears/Ensemble)
  • Jimmy Kieffer (Ed/Ensemble)
  • Dathan B. Williams (Reverend Peters/Ensemble)
  • Ka-Ling Cheung (Punk Girl/Ensemble)
  • Dale Hodges (Mrs. Alexander/Ensemble)
  • Amy Blackman (Judy/Ensemble)

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